Cutlery mould maker

Cutlery mould maker

Cutlery mould maker

Plastic folding cutlery mould


Folding cutlery allows the consumption of yogurt, ice cream, jelly, salad, noodles, porridge and other foods on the go. Dessert PP foldable spoon can be used for sweet, foldable dessert spoon is very practical. And the most important is the folding design, the spoon can be placed in the lunch box, that doesn't account for space, so foldable spoon will not only convenient for you but also give you a safe food experience.
Another very important thing for foldable spoon mould making is the design. Product design should be reasonable, if some structural cannot be done by injection molding, it must be modified. Also a novel design will be popular in market. Combined with the parameters of the injection molding machine, we give an optimal solution for customers. 
The design of the cooling. This is related to the injection cycle. An excellent cooling system can guarantee short cycle and high output. When you are creating a part using molten metal, you need to properly cool the part before removing it from the cavity. Removing the part too soon can change the shape of the part and compromise its structure. Some die casting companies just place a simple cooling circuit in the cavity block to save cost in design and tool manufacturing. We regulate the temperature with very strategic cooling line placement and coverage. On larger more critical projects, additional time is invested in thermal analysis for cooling line optimization.
High quality moulds not only ensure the quality of injection molded products, but also to provide customers with an important basis for system solutions.
Features and advantages
a, optimize temperature control
b, cooling waterway profile design
c, easy to maintain
d, optimized steel with high-precision processing
e, long life, super durability and high performance

QX Mould has accumulated rich design experience and processing technology in thin-walled injection moulds, creating unparalleled performance for thin-walled injection moulds.

At the same time, it reflects the best value of high speed injection molding, minimum injection point, high precision balance of heat flow channel and saving injection material.

Here is our website to have a look that we made many plastic cutlery moulds for our customers.

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.Engineering: reasonable mould structure, excellent cooling system, shorten the production cycle.
.Management: reasonable arrangements for processing procedures, follow-up production schedule and promote on-time delivery.
.Manufacturing: skilled machine operators and moldmaking workers, high-precision CNC equipments.
.Customer service: provide professional English hotline and email with quick responce 24 hours a day.

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